Power Aviation is product and service representative for the Bambi Bucket Division Products.

About the Bambi Bucket®

Launch highly-efficient precision attacks against fires by equipping your helicopter with the Bambi Bucket. This tough, lightweight product delivers
a solid column of water or foam – on target, every time.

The Bambi Bucket reinvented aerial firefighting for helicopters with its full collapsibility and accurate water drops! In addition, Bambi Buckets: 
  • Provide highly cost-effective water delivery.
  • Offer compact, lightweight and portable convenience.
  • Stand up to field conditions thanks to our unique Bambi Bucket fabric – designed for maximum durability and strength.
  • Can be enhanced with our many innovative accessories to create the ultimate aerial firefighting weapon.
  • Offer variable fill capability and foam injection systems.
  • Offer fast fill and shallow water capability.
  • Provide pilot-controlled dump patterns.
  • Feature a dump valve that opens instantly.
  • Can fit any size helicopter.

For more information and how to choose the correct model to your helicopter, please go to

SEI Industries and use the "Bambi Bucket Selector".

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